deliAre you sick of wimpy sandwiches that are big on bread but stingy on meat? Kiss those chain store subs good bye and say hello to a real lunch! Our sandwiches are the real deal. Made fresh to order, we provide you with a real helping of meat, cheese, veggies and authentic dressing. Get the sandwich your grandparents could order, back when a few bucks bought you a full belly, not some empty bread.

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Cooked Ham


Baked Ham

off the bone Ham
Honey Ham
Hot Ham
$4.99/lb Cappicola
Canadian Bacon
$6.99/lb Soppressata
$9.99/lb Roast beef
Corned Beef
Deli Turkey
Oven Roasted Turkey
Honey Turkey
$6.99/lb Buffalo Chicken
Turkey Pastrami
$4.99/lb Turkey Ham
Hatfield Liverwurst
$3.99/lb Mother Goose Liverwurst
First Prize Bologna
$ Wunderbar Bologna